Advertising photography: everything you need to know

If a picture is worth a thousand words, it's no wonder that photography is one of the most effective ways to sell products or services. Every day we receive hundreds of visual impacts in the form of advertisements: walking down the street, reading a magazine or checking social networks.

From industrial to fashion photography, this field of photographic art is the preferred one for big brands when it comes to attracting customers and increasing sales. Well done, advertising photography has the capacity not only to show a product, but also to transmit ideas and values associated with it.

What is advertising photography?

The term advertising photography encompasses all aspects of image production aimed at persuading the client. The aim is to influence the decision to buy, showing an attractive and desirable product.

The success of most advertising campaigns depends to a large extent on the quality of the photographs and their ability to convey the proposed message.

For the production of high-quality advertising photography, professional photographers are joined by experts in art direction, interior design, digital retouching or 3D design, to name but a few key figures.

Types of advertising photography

Depending on the strategic communication needs, the following types of advertising photography can be identified:

Product photography and packshot

This is the most essential form of advertising photography. It is about showing the product as it is, by taking a precise, well-lit and focused shot against a neutral background.

The packshot presents the product in its original packaging. The aim is to show potential buyers what the item looks like as they would find it on a shop shelf.

Fashion photography

Widely used by clothing or accessory brands, this type of advertising photography tends to use models wearing the garments being advertised.
Food photography

Present dishes or food for restaurants or food brands. Photographers use a multitude of retouching techniques or the integration of 3D technology to achieve the most visually appealing shot.

Lifestyle photography

These advertising photos often frame the product in a specific environment that conveys specific values. Models and scenery are used to create a complex visual storyline that attracts attention.

3D advertising photography

Today, computer imaging technology has redefined the concept of advertising photography. Many product images we see, such as mobile phones, watches or furniture, are created using 3D photography.

Industrial or corporate photography

Industrial photography shows images depicting production processes and product development.

In the case of corporate photography, aspects of the company, such as facilities or employees, are portrayed as part of its visual strategy.

When to hire advertising photography services?

As you would expect, the best results in this field are always obtained by hiring professional advertising photography services.

When the aim is to sell in a creative and original way, the photography of products and services must be of sufficient quality to convey the message powerfully and unequivocally. In this sense, having a good visual communication studio is the quickest and most effective way to achieve this.