What a newborn photo shoot looks like

On arrival at the studio (my photography studio is in Madrid), the first thing we do is talk, you tell me how you are, how was the birth, how did you spend the night and when did the baby eat for the last time. This way, I can find out what situation you are in and approach the session in the right way.


The sessions The newborn photos are taken between 7 and 15 days after the baby's birth, It is therefore very important to book these sessions during the last trimester of pregnancy. The reservation is made with the probable due date and when the baby is born is when we establish the definitive date for your session.

The newborn photos are taken on a positioning table specifically designed for this type of photo. On it, the baby is safe, comfortable and calm.

Controlling temperature, noise and baby's comfort is essential. Newborn photo sessions are quiet sessions, which take place in a relaxed, leisurely and pleasant environment for both the family and the baby.

Families, and mothers in particular, are at a very special time in these first few weeks of life and that you enjoy this experience is one of the priorities in my photography studio.

Throughout the session we will working at the baby's pace: If he needs to stop to eat we stop, if he needs us to accompany him to catch up on sleep or if he wants to be in mummy's arms we will do so. For this reason there is no fixed duration for newborn photo sessions, but they usually last approximately two hours.


During the session, you will be viewing on an iPad all the photos I'm shooting dtion of the camera, but also you will be able to take photos and videos with your mobile phones. It is just as important that you have the memory of this experience in the photo studio on your phone as it is that you have the memory of how small your newborn was.

Newborn photo sessions also include family photos. The photos with the parents (and siblings if there are any) are taken at the end, after the photos of the newborn alone. In the studio you have the option of including make-up for the mums (this must be booked before coming to the session to have everything ready).


If you want to know in more detail what these sessions include and book yours you can do it from this button:

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